Monday, February 6, 2012

The Fifth Dimension

For newbie authors there are five dimensions to the writing experience.

The first dimension is Twitter – Twitter is the place where you have 5,000 contacts you never contact.

The second is Facebook – Facebook is the place where the mundane lives of people become more mundane and "ewe" join in like sheep to the slaughter.

The third is your Website – Your Website is the place no one visits except you.

The fourth is your blog – Your blog is where you build up five or six followers who think you have thousands of followers.

The fifth is insanity – Insanity is the place you live after visiting the first four dimensions.

A word of advice; use these dimensions wisely. If you do not, you might return to sanity and as we all know – sanity is no fun!

Now click the title of this blog and sing along with me to Waylon Jenning's “I've always been crazy.”

I’m just saying,


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