Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Skull and Bones

I couldn’t figure out why Harley-Davidson started putting skull and bones on all their bike accessories. After some research, the reason became apparent. As a murder mystery writer and Harley rider, the skull and bones have much significance, but it never occurred to me that there could also be a “booty call” connection.

My wife has always objected to any Harley stuff with skulls attached to it until I bought my V-Rod a few weeks ago. Low and behold when we got home she presented me with a Buddy Stubb's skull and bones T-shirt! I doubt she knew about the real connotation or my T-shirt would have been a traditional bike picture with no connotation what-so-ever.

Too late now, darling, I have it and I am wearing it! Of course, my reasoning is to tie murder mystery writing in with Harleys so I can sell my books while riding in motorcycle rallies. A little “booty” watching along the way surely can’t hurt. It keeps the eyes in good shape, but – Look, but don’t touch is another connotation I also understand well….

I’m just saying,


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