Saturday, April 23, 2011

What’s in a Name?

Have you ever Googled your own name just for fun? I know it’s kind of egotistical and silly, but fun nevertheless. I tried it and was astounded at what I found. Everything that I have attempted in my short writing career is there in black and white. My books, blogs, correspondence, Twitter, Facebook…twenty pages of everything about Mitt Winstead! How in the world did this happen? I didn’t plan it and I certainly didn’t expect it.

You can’t even Google Mitt Romney without finding my name there also. In fact, poor Mitt R. comes in a pale second to this Mitt. Maybe I should run for president…it’s about time we get someone poor in the White House. I’ve got it; I’ll run on the Poor Platform as an Independent! Who better to represent the poor middle class than a poor, unknown, middle class author? I have the integrity, energy and intelligence, so why not run? Oh, wait a minute – I don’t have the money, good looks, or charm. Crap, I don’t have the attributes that get people elected to public office. Too bad, I would have made a good president. Just as well, my dad always told me that people who work for the government are just the losers who couldn't make it in the private sector. It appears that may be so.

I am actually quite proud of what I found on Google. All my long hours of writing and promoting have not been in vain. Now if I could just get the world news broadcasters to do a piece on “Google Mitt Winstead.” I could become a celeb overnight and make millions. What a minute; I could do an ugly hair comb over, go to charm school and become a running mate for “The Donald.” Vice-President is good enough for me. A man has to know his limitations!

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