Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'd Rather Be Racked

It's getting close to book selling time at the Oasis Book Store in Quartzsite, Arizona. This in itself is OK, but I worry about spending so much time with the owner, Paul Winer. I would rather face torture on the rack than get too close to the strange, naked bookstore owner!

I thought about wearing blacked out sunglasses and pretending to be blind while I am there, rather than have him catch me accidentally glancing at his cojenes. Lets face it, the morbid temptation is there.

The truth is that I have met Paul, and I found him to be a very intelligent, gracious and giving individual. He is married and believes in closeness with nature. I mean real close to nature!

The fact that Paul provides a space for authors visiting Quartzsite to sell their books for free is the real deal. What a great venue! Thousands of tourists seeking warm sun and clear air in the winter makes for a perfect place for unknown authors to sell their books. My hat is off to Paul for providing this opprotunity for unknown authors like myself to mingle with other authors and book lovers who travel there from all over the world!

Thank you, Paul!

Who knows, if it's warm enough, I might get close to nature too....

I'm just saying,


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