Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post Christmas Day

Twas the day after Christmas, and it's quiet from parties and such,
Except for the moans of sour stomachs from eating too much.
There are bags of fresh fruit, cookies and candy,
Waiting to be eaten as soon as we feel dandy.

All our doggies are snuggled and sleeping in our bed,
As we lay there moaning, wishing we were dead.
Pray tell what ever possessed us to eat all that dinner,
One thing's for sure, we will never get thinner.

Out in the kitchen there rose such a clatter,
It was my daughter holding a mac and cheese platter.
Come help me eat it she said with love,
as I awoke from the nightmare thanking God up above.

One thing is for sure this post Christmas day,
If I eat one more bite there will be hell to pay.
Even though hunger comes from human evolution,
I will never eat again is my New Year's resolution.

I'm just saying,


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