Friday, December 31, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Perhaps I am throwing gasoline on an open fire, but I feel the need to help vindicate Paul Winer (the owner of Reader's Oasis Book Store in Quartzsite, Arizona) from a bum rap because of his desire to run around almost naked all the time. I found him (Paul) to be articulate, educated, knowledgeable, generous, caring and likable. The fact that he is butt ugly should not lessen the validity of the above statements concerning his character.

Perhaps if we could walk a day in his shoes (I can’t remember if he wears shoes; I was afraid to look down), we would better understand his commitment to being a naturalist, which is different than being a nudist. A naturalist can get away with just a sock on it in public, while a nudist would go to jail for the lack of a sock on it.

As to the plan of imitating Paul at Sunday’s book signing. I did manage to buy a small sock for myself. Wait a minute; I know what you are thinking. Give me a break, it’s cold down here this time of the year! In any case, I put on the sock with a waist string and paraded in front of my wife. That was yesterday, and in case you are wondering, she is still laughing.

I have decided to go to plan B. Plan A just won’t work; I looked worse than Paul. I know what will happen if I wear the sock. All the old ladies will still flock to Paul for pictures while I freeze my butt off alone and almost naked. I also will be sleeping in my truck Sunday night because my wife refuses to be married to an idiot. Can’t say I blame her….

I’m just saying,


P.S.: Click on Paul Winer if you want to see him play a mean piano and hear him sing!

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