Thursday, December 30, 2010

Naked Paul

I am sure there have been numerous articles written about the owner of the Readers Oasis Bookstore in Quartzsite, Arizona. I figure one more won’t hurt anyone, except maybe their eyes.

I do have some measure of respect for any man who thinks everyone on the planet should admire his manhood when he is young and virile. It’s a man thing to do so. I draw the line though when men (and women) reach a certain age. Paul and I have reached that age, ages ago.

I am wondering what possesses someone in the public eye (pun intended) to seek nakedness in their place of business?
By Jove, I think I have the answer! You can’t check out Quartzsite, Arizona, on line without seeing Paul’s sack staring up at you on every page (God forbid). His image is everywhere on the Web whether you like it or not. Duh, advertizing is his motivation and it works very well.

Now let me see; I will be selling my books at his store site this weekend. He will be practically naked; therefore I should be practically naked. That’s it; I will steal his formula for success!

I’ve got so many details to work out. Where will I find a sack and what color; do I wear body makeup, should I make sure my butt hairs are trimmed? Crap (pun intended), I need to check the weather reports, I may need a furlined sack....

I’m just saying,


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