Friday, May 20, 2011

Being Thankful

"These photos are heart wrenching. So we've had a rainy season – the housing market is down – our cars may need a new battery – we worry every day about our financial future as we age – health care is not what we want it to be – some may solve their problems be doing drugs, smoking or drinking – some women have to live in shelters – people are being outsourced – the poor are getting poorer...BUT, after viewing our humanity during those years in pictures...TODAY THE SUN CAME OUT. I HAVE A FULL REFRIGERATOR. MY BILLS ARE PAID. I HAVE A ROOF OVER MY HEAD. I OWN CAR THAT WORKS. I HAVE FRIENDS WHO CARE...I HAVE A COMPUTER WITH WHICH TO SHARE IN MY BOUNTY! I HAVE HOPE FOR THE FUTURE!

This was a mere 70 years ago....

Makes complaining about no cell service, high gasoline prices, not
enough cable channels, et al, seem a bit ludicrous.

I am reminded to be grateful for what I do have....

Start each day with a smile and a prayer – then pass it on!"

Write on,


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