Tuesday, May 31, 2011


If you will click the title of this blog you will see what most of us wish we could still do. I used to love country western dancing and the two-step was my favorite. Hell, there was a time when I could even disco with the best of them. OK, maybe not as well as John Travolta, but good none the less.

My, how times have changed. Remember when the dance halls didn’t even start really jumping until after 10 p.m. and to be there any earlier would mean you were drunk before the dancing started or a dork or both, and the dancing didn’t stop until the bouncers kicked everyone out?

I watched the Arizona Diamondbacks beat up on the Florida Marlins last night until after 8 p.m. and this morning I feel like I have a hangover! Wahoo, what a party animal I am now – pathetic, I know, but such is the way of life. God only knows what the young people dance to now-a-days, but I bet they don’t have as much fun as we did when live bands played real dance music and you could even hear the lyrics. I guess I will never know who dances to what; I can’t stay awake late enough to find out. Do people even dance anymore?

Come to think of it, I am a total day creature now. It’s like reverse vampirism; I live in the sunlight only to crawl back to my coffin at night. Crazy, I know, but it suits me and my wife. Let the youngsters have the night, you can’t see anything anyhow.

I’m just saying,


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