Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Biker Babe Palin

Did I see Sarah Palin riding bitch with another woman on a Harley? I am sure I did and the question is why? Can’t she ride her own bike and if not, why not have a guy driving the bagger? It would certainly have made a better impression on me had she been handling her own big bike. If she wants to run the country, she should be able to ride a Harley on her own. Oh, wait a minute – I don’t think any president has ever ridden a Harley by their lonesome. I did Google the question and came up with zilch. As far as I can find out, no president of the U.S.A. has ever ridden a Harley-Davidson.

Here is the challenge; show me one presidential candidate riding (alone) on a bagger Harley and they have my vote. Lord knows we don’t need another politician as president; let’s try a biker for once. At lest we will know that they can handle something big and bad. In fact, I will vote for Palin if she can straddle a Road King and ride it hard!

I’m just saying,


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