Saturday, June 25, 2011

Surviving The Highways

I have noticed lately that I am starting to rant and rave about how other drivers are operating their vehicles on public roads these days. I think it is called road rage – Ok, I know it is called road rage! What am I to do? I not only drive a vehicle, but I also operate a motorcycle too, and I swear they are all out to get me. Paranoia perhaps, but it just isn’t safe out there. Sometimes I think wearing the name Harley-Davidson on a coat or shirt is like painting a bull’s eye smack dab on my back.

What is it with the yahoos who change lanes back and forth like a bullet while speeding up and slowing down because there is always someone going slower in front of them? By the time they realize there is a motorcycle next to them, they have already run the poor rider and bike into the pavement!

And, what about the zombie that pulls out in front of not only motorcycles, but bicycles too? I have had people pull out in front of me like I was totally invisible. While I am laying the bike down and trying to survive, Mr. or Ms. Zombie finally see me and have the “What are you doing there look?” I hate that look – like the whole thing is my fault.

Here is the clincher. What about the driver who is either texting or putting on makeup while approaching a stop light at the speed of light? All I see in my rear view mirror is someone’s face pointed downward or up at a mirror. It’s time to rev up the V-Rod and hope there is a break in the side traffic so I can get the hell out of their way.

It is no wonder that I am experiencing road rage these days, but rage doesn’t cut it when someone is about to make road kill out of you. I would love to mount a .30 cal machine gun front and back to the bike, but the law doesn’t allow it. Besides, it takes away from the look of the bike. Perhaps I could just hibernate 24/7 and never go outside. That won’t do. I have to feel the wind in my three hairs and the sun on my face to really feel alive.

So what is the answer? I looked up “responsibility” in the dictionary and this is what I found: the ability to respond to external situations. After all the years of driving vehicles and riding motorcycles, it is obvious that I have learned how to stay alive in spite of idiot drivers. So I must be a responsible driver and rider. That is not to say that I will never bite the bullet, but so far so good.

I recently watched a Swiss guy fly a jet pack through the Grand Canyon. How about I add wings to my V-Rod? If he can do it, so can I. I could picture me flying over bad drivers when necessary. I bet that would wake someone up from their driving stupor!

I’m just saying,


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