Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Riding Harleys is my answer to cancer!

Yes, you heard me right and I stand by my conviction. I am just an independent, free thinking, intelligent human being who has learned that drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and stress are the enemy, and that freedom of Spirit is the only high anyone really needs.

For me, riding a motorcycle out in the elements is my path to serenity. It is not only the fresh air and sunshine, but something else that we can’t see, hear, touch or smell. It is the ability of our beautiful blue planet to lift my spirits high and flood my being with peace. This is great medicine with absolutely no side effects except vibrant well being.

You might be thinking, this is all well and good, but riding motorcycles is way too dangerous for me, and you may be right. It’s not for everybody for sure. I look at it this way; my bike is a lethal weapon and could (if used improperly) kill someone, including me. Every time I ride, my senses are more alert than at any other time in my life. My riding buds and buddettes have learned the art of being on the defensive – not just watching out for other motorcyclists, but also automobiles and all road hazards, which include debris and animals.

You might also be thinking that all this attention to hazards and not being able to look at the scenery can’t be much fun. When you realize that each time you ride you are enabling your brain to work out thousands of calculations and scenarios every second while you are riding, the benefits of keeping your mind sharp are obvious. Adventure before dementia is my motto!

I suppose if the truth be known, most motorcycle enthusiasts like the element of danger also. The edge is an exciting place to be after spending hours and hours on mundane work schedules, chores or whatever. Some of us need excitement and comradeship in our lives, while others are content to stay home and relax in their own way. It’s all good – whatever floats your boat.

The main deal is to laugh a lot. Laughter is indeed the best medicine. When I ride with friends, we laugh all the time. Every stop is a lesson in humor. We kid each other about everything under the sun, and we certainly don’t refrain from laughing at the antics of other bikers who cross our paths, not literally, of course. Laughter and happiness kill cancer cells. They cannot co-exist…one cancels out the other. Unscientific of course, but who cares – it works for me at this time in my wonderful life. I have the best of both worlds; my wife and I laugh all the time. She is the glue that keeps my home life happy and wonderful. It saddens me that she no longer rides with me, but her happiness while I am riding is reading books and spending time with our dogs and cats. Oh, and she loves watching “The Young and the Restless.” Of course, I don’t watch it, much….

I’m just saying,


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