Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Goodbye, Sweet Mittsy

Mittsy was always a showoff with her long, luxurious redish blond hair, beautiful dark eyes and winning smile. In fact, I never saw her not smiling. She was also a big-time flirt. Sometimes I would even call her a floozy because she would go off with anyone who would show her the slightest bit of attention in a heartbeat.

Mittsy was a Pomeranian show dog that came to live with us when she was two years old because her owner and trainer passed away from a car accident. We signed a contract that we would never show her professionally and that Mittsy had to be spade within a short period of time. We fulfilled our part of the bargain and the only showing Mittsy ever did was to show her little heart out to anyone, anytime and anyplace. She won the best award offered to any show dog, and that was instant love from all the people she met during her short fourteen and a half years on Earth.

Mittsy gave new meaning to a lap dog. She was content to sit on anyone’s lap for the duration and the duration could mean forever. She was not always the center of attention because she had to compete with three other small dogs in the household and a Meyer’s parrot who, by the way, has always known it is all about him and not the pitiful dogs that live in his house. Mittsy stood her own ground though and was the center of attention when someone visited, even if it was a stranger.

We have had two of our beloved dogs pass within one month. I must say the heartbreak is overwhelming. My wife and I are still blessed with two Chihuahuas and Pickles the parrot. While we know that Pickles will probably outlive us, we dread the day when we have to say goodbye to our two other friends and companions. We are determined to not replace Annie and Mittsy, even though we know there are many dogs that need good homes. As we grow older, feeding and caring for two dogs and one parrot plus maintaining their health is enough for us to handle.

We will always have a dog or two because we love animals and rescuing a creature of any kind from cruelty, abuse or homelessness is part of the glue that keeps our family together. I truly pray that when we pass, our loving pets will be waiting for us with wagging tails, smiles and kisses galore.

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