Thursday, June 23, 2011

1959, fins and all

I again traveled to Quartzsite, Arizona, to water trees and replenish water in the numerous five gallon pails in our motor home so the cabinets don’t fall off the walls during the hot, hot summer. Quartzsite in summer is like a ghost town time forgot.

I also installed a new doggie compound made out of chain link fencing six feet high to keep the coyotes from feeding on our rather large Chihuahuas next winter during the influx of 250,000 motor homes and campers that will dot the landscape from all parts of the country, especially the cold parts. On the box the enclosure came in was printed (in bold letters I might add) the following: With a half inch wrench, pair of pliers and two hours, you too can install your very own animal shelter. Seven hours later with heat prostration closing in, I finally finished. I was just able to crawl up the steps and fall face first into the motor home bed to sleep like a zombie until dawn the next day. Oh, did I mention the directions inside the box stated (in small print) that two people were needed to build the enclosure? No, it couldn’t say that on the outside of the box, now could it!

Tuesday morning I was up early, watering trees, admiring my finished project and readying the motor home for another month in purgatory before I would again return to save the day. While gladly leaving “hell” for the trip home, I spied a fabulous 1959 Shasta "Cove" camp trailer that happened to be for sale.

The darn thing had fins and everything you would expect from something 1959ish.

I stopped, and the owner took me for a two minute tour (maybe three, it is small you know) and I was amazed at the immaculate inside.

It even has the original 12 volt refrigerator that works!

The bed is a far cry from our king and the pups may have to sleep on the floor. Who am I kidding, it will be me on the floor!

I took these pictures, got his phone number, and again headed out for the higher elevation of Camp Verde, Arizona.

I no sooner got home, downloaded the pictures and showed them to my wifey, when she ordered a return trip to the "hell hole of Arizona" to buy the trailer before someone else snatched it up.

I wasn’t too worried; there were only two people and two burros there when I left earlier in the morning.

I returned to Quartzsite early the next day, loaded up our little treasure, and towed it to its new home at our little spread in Camp Verde.

We can’t wait to now tow it to a KOA near Williams, Arizona, this summer and rough it a little. It will be like the olden days before huge motor homes, Direct TV, and slide outs. It still beats tenting by a mile though – life is good!

I’m just saying,


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