Thursday, June 2, 2011

Evil into a Movie?

Making the murder mystery Evil in the Mirror into a movie is a great idea, but I have a problem with the casting director. She wants two unknown actors to play the evil twins from Tucson, Arizona. As the author and screenwriter, I suggested that my twin and I play the parts. After all, I wrote the book and he was part of the process. The casting director reminded me that our ages alone, not counting the fact that we can’t act, would keep us out of the movie. Swell, go ahead and cast two unknown, young, handsome and virile guys, see if I care.

Then we got down to who would play lead detective, Jon Mull. I recommended Al Pacino, but again, I was shot down because of the age factor. What the hell is going on here? This casting director is practicing age and gender discrimination! All the Hollywood women look thirty while in their fifties. Why can’t the makeup artists do the same for the men?

Then the question of who would play young Detective Matt Wilson came up, I thought I would suggest Dennis Hopper and see if she even knew he had died, but I thought better of it. I stayed silent as she named actors I had never even heard of, while the other executives at the casting meeting nodded their heads up and down and back and forth like Hawaiian car dolls in a police chase.

I could see where this meeting was going. I was the newbie author with only Evil in the Mirror and Day Stalker to my credit. Well, guess again, folks – I hold all the movie rights to both books and I want some say so in the movie. I knew better than to say anything like that to the casting director though. I was informed early on in the process that if I caused any trouble, the production company would simple abandon the project. Bunch of butt heads if you ask me. By the way, I had always heard that when Hollywood came knocking they would fly you to southern California, put you up in a fancy hotel, and wine and dine you 24/7. What the hell am I doing staying in a Motel Six in Tustin and riding in a cab to Burbank? Bunch of cheap butt heads if you ask me.

Oh, well, at least I am being paid some good bucks to write the screenplay. Oh, crap, the casting director is saying something to me and I was daydreaming. “I’m sorry, what did you say?” “Mitt, wake up, it’s time to finish spreading the rocks in the yard before it gets any hotter,” my wife said as I climber off the couch were I had fallen asleep while watching television. As I walked toward the back door, I was thinking, Just as well, I didn’t like the casting director much anyway!

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