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My Very Best Twin Friend

My identical twin, Walter, was diagnosed Wednesday, June 8, 2011, with prostate cancer after ten biopsies in ten different locations turned up positive. It was also discovered that his prostate gland was twice its normal size and there appeared to be lesions on the outside casing, which probably means that the cancer had spread to other parts of his body. He is now being scheduled for tests to determine the extent of the cancer. These tests will tell his doctor whether or not he can be operated on to remove the prostate gland.

I love him dearly and he knows that this blog may be instrumental in saving someone else the hardships he now faces. We both understand the consequences of cancer. We lost our stepfather to melanoma in 1980 and our mother to pancreatic cancer in 1996. It is a horrible and ghastly way to end a life, and the sad part is that most cancers can be cured with early detection.

The story of Walt and me concerning prostate cancer starts in the year 2000. During a yearly physical it was discovered that my prostate was enlarged and my PSA (an enzyme count that becomes elevated and can indicate cancer of the prostate gland) was 7.5, while .01 was considered normal for a man of my age. I was referred to a specialist and the decision was made to remove the gland. A year after the surgery my PSA started to elevate again and I was subjected to radiation treatments for six weeks. The PSA level dropped to .01 and has stayed there ever since.

Of course, I was concerned about my twin brother’s health after going through what was, at the time, a rather nasty surgery for me. I would call and beg him to get a physical and blood test. During visits to Tucson I would spend much of the time explaining why it was important for him to get a blood test and rectal exam. He would always promise that he would and during that ten-year period, he even assured me several times that he had had the physical and that everything was normal. It wasn’t until a month ago that I discovered he had not and was now having problems urinating, which leads us to the phone call I received from him yesterday. Now we are way past “should of, could of or would have” rhetoric…. To be continued

It is now June 17 and Walt goes in for a full bone scan and some kind of other test today because his MRI last Monday showed some spots on his lungs. I called him this morning and wished him well. I am a little miffed he didn’t call me yesterday about the lung thing when he found out, but now is not the time to hit him with additional crap. He is dealing with enough…. I do find it interesting that he still seems a little in denial. I know though that we all handle tragedy in our lives differently. Because he is my identical twin though, I can say with some certainty that I know how he feels because I feel it too. He wishes he had listened to his bro, but he also knows it is too late to cry over spilt milk.

I also know that he is apprehensive about the hospital pumping his blood vessels with radioactive gunk for the bone scan and another look at the lung spots. We laughed about the radioactive cocktail killing him instead of the cancer. It really wasn’t funny, but laughing seemed to help. He knows the worst is yet to come, but every time we talk he reiterates the fact that he will be going on a Harley run with me this September to Colorado. Oh, how I wish it will be true…. I made reservations for a three-night stay in Durango, Colorado, for the Labor Day holiday after hanging up with my brother. I made sure a copy of the confirmation was e-mailed to him also. Never discount the power of positive thinking…. To be continued

It is now Father’s Day, Sunday, June 19, 2011. I have been in contact secretly with our friend Nancy Bradley in California. She graduated with us from Escondido High School in California a million years ago. While Walt and I migrated out of California, Nancy ended up in northern California to become a bestselling author and a world renowned physic healer. I thought it appropriate to ask for her help in Walt’s time of need. She was, as always, ready to do whatever she could to help my brother and her friend. Here is my e-mail to Nancy and her amazing reply to my request:

Dearest Nancy,

I have a special request to ask of you. First of all, what I am about to tell you must remain confidential between you and I for the time being. Walt has acute Prostate cancer. After ten different biopsy of his prostate, all ten were cancerous. To make matters worse, he also has lesions that usually mean the cancer has spread outside the prostate case.

Tomorrow, Monday, he has a MRI and Friday he will have total bone scan to find out if and where the cancer has spread. If by chance the cancer is located only in the prostate, it will be removed post-haste. If the cancer has spread to other parts of the body...well, that's a different issue.

I would like you to pray and work your magic for a healing. Walt knows only too well that instead of listening to his brother after my bout ten years ago, that he has waited way too long and that the prognosis is dismal. I know that there is great power in prayer and the more people who are praying for him, the better chance he can and will have to beat the odds. I will keep you posted concerning the tests, but in the meanwhile, he could use your healing powers and positive thoughts.

I knew before our class reunion in May that it was very important he make the journey to Escondido with me. I also knew that you and Larry might not have the chance to see him again, but I was unable to say anything to anyone about the symptoms he was having at the time. While at the reunion, he was able to bury old animosities and feuds. He now understands that life is not static and that people do indeed change. How he handles this situation is a road only he can travel, but having people like you and Larry praying for him is so very important.

I am sure by the end of next week he and I will know the extent of the problem. I also pray for the best, but fear the worst. He hasn't told his children or anyone else about this yet, which is as it should be. You know because you should, and he needs your behind the scenes help.

Thank you, dear lady....



Hi Mitt,

Funny how minds meet, I just came to the computer to write to you to see if you were doing okay with the fires that are around you, and to offer my home to you your wife and your pets if you need to get out fast. That offer stands.

I will do my healing right away on Walt, but more so, I will also network his name out to over a million of my Truth In Healing practitioners across the world, simply by his FIRST name, which is all they need to do their job. He will be none the wiser. He is in my Prayer Box as we speak.

I lost my brother Bill to cancer a few years ago. It is not easy; he was a brilliant attorney and then very respected judge. Had he lived he would have been the judge on the Casey Dugard case.

If Walt has a bad prognosis, Larry and I will hopefully fly in and say hello. But, we are going for good news. Okay, this is going to be short, but I am networking out for everyone right now.

Love, N.



My dear high school friend Walt W. has advanced prostate cancer. Of 10 biopsy locations tested, ALL ten were cancerous. He is going in for an MRI Friday and a total bone scan to see if and where the cancer has spread. PLEASE help me in sending TRUTH IN HEALING and put this dear friend in your Prayer Box for recovery and good results! He is very dear to me. I do so appreciate all you do and the magic that we all do with great truth energy from the universe.

Thanks so much to you all,

Love, Nancy

What can I say? Nancy Bradley is the best friend anyone could ever have…. To be continued

June 24, 2011, has dawned like any other day, but today is different. Walt has had his entire list of tests completed and indeed the aggressive prostate cancer will not be denied. He is schedule to start hormone treatments next Thursday. We laughed because his doctor told him he will grow breasts after the treatment. At our age, they were starting to grow anyway! After that he will be subjected to a week of intense radiation treatments. He will not have the cancerous gland removed because it just doesn’t matter in the scheme of things now. Why spend a hundred thousand bucks to remove something that treatments are going to shrink to the size of a walnut anyway?

The prognosis is basically as follows: if he does nothing, he can expect to live two years – give or take a few months. If he has the treatments, his life may be extended greatly, providing the spots on his lungs and hip bones are not cancerous or that the cancer hasn’t spread to other vital areas. For the most part it’s a guessing game, but Walt plans to live life to its fullest while he can. I am sure we will make our motorcycle ride to Colorado in September and I swore on our twinship not to make fun of his three- wheeled scooter from Italy. “For God’s sake, brother, you got the cancer and you are worried about what people will think about your sissy motor scooter?” Crap, I already broke my pledge not to tease him!

I am looking forward to spending quality time with Walt. We go back a long way and share a multitude of identical twinship experiences, some so bizarre as to defy logic. Simultaneous dreams, sleep-walking together, waking up with each other’s clothes on, just to name a few. We have worked side-by-side in construction framing houses faster than any other crew because we did not need to talk about what we were doing – we would think about it and then work together to make it happen.

For the men out there who think going to a doctor is sissy stuff, listen up! Dying of cancer will kick your ass until you pray for death. I am reminded of a scene from “The Shootist,” John Wayne’s last movie before he died of lung cancer from smoking. James Stewart played the doctor and explained to Wayne’s gunfighter character (who had cancer) that he would not wish this death on anyone, not even his worst enemy!

For God’s sake, men of the world, put away your macho bullshit and get the physical. The life you save will be your own….

Write on,


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