Thursday, June 9, 2011

KFC Exposed

Ever wonder how KFC gets their chicken breasts to taste so good? They would have us believe that it is done with special spices and herbs, but this picture clearly shows a different recipe. The baby chicks are being raise on the breasts of a pretty young woman, and while the incubator’s name will remain anonymous, it is obvious she enjoys her work.

If you stop and think about the millions of KFC chicken breasts that are consumed daily in America, let alone the rest of the world, it becomes obvious that there are also millions of young women’s breasts being used to satisfy corporate greed.

This waste of an American resource must be stopped. If God had intended women’s breasts were to be used as chicken coops, he would have not invented men. The practice of using women’s breasts to raise baby chicks is against the laws of God, nature and man. I believe there should be a Congressional investigation and that Congressman Anthony Weiner should officiate, after all, he is an expert on the human anatomy.

The next thing we could find out is that piglets are being raised on the buttocks of young men, although it would kill two birds with one stone. We could raise pork chops and male chauvinist pigs at the same time, thus saving natural resources in the process.

I’m just saying,


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