Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cat in the Hat

I am sitting here this morning wondering what to write after the loss of our beloved Pomeranian Mittsy. I don’t want to continue writing blog after blog about the past and the torment of grief for our departed dogs. The world is full of misery and grief, and the less said about it the better. It’s hard to be up when you are down, but I don’t like down much – so I am going to write an up blog if it kills me. Damn, there I go being down again!

Here is an interesting secret no one has read on my blog before. We have two storage sheds on our little homestead, and one of them is the home of stray cats we take in. The whole thing started when my wife, Sandy, put a small dog house outside the back door for mother and son cats that migrated from the house across the street after the humans moved out and left the area; the act of leaving pets behind when people move disgusts both of us. It was winter, cold and dreary, and even though we had four dogs and a parrot at the time, what could I say? If I said no, there was a good possibility I would be joining the cats.

Well, the mother cat found her way into one of the storage sheds and had a litter of four beautiful kittens. We have found homes for two and the other two call "their" shed home. We did manage to catch mommy and son and took them to the vet where they were fixed…no more little kittens. Oh, did I mention that the cats are basically feral? We love them anyway....

I thought I might share some pictures – enjoy.

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