Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crazy is as Crazy Does

Remember the old country song where Waylon sings, “You have to be crazy to keep from going insane?” Well, brother, truer words were never spoken in today’s world. Among politics, religion, environmental issues, hate, death and taxes, people on this planet have a tough road to hoe, and when you add in the Mayan end of the world calendar in 2012, it gets really dicey.

I, for one, don’t give a damn about predictions in general. They have all been wrong or I wouldn’t be here writing this blog. The Mayan calendar thing is a little disconcerting though. The five thousand year cycle could mean the earth’s magnetic poles might switch places and life on this planet could have a really bad day. It has happened in the past and certainly could happen again.

Even this possibility really doesn’t concern me as much as Donald Trump running for president, especially after he said he wasn’t going to run. Could you picture him and Sarah Palin running on the same ticket? Stranger things have happened and continue to do so daily. I doubt The Donald could stand a real close look at his personal life though, but then who could? Just ask Arnold – it’s a good thing he wasn’t born in this country or he would have been running until a couple of days ago. I still don’t believe that the Schwarzenegger family couldn’t spot one of Arnie’s spawn a mile away. The accent thing should have given the little rug-rat away.

I think the craziest thing I have heard recently is that the U.S. had been holding Osama bin Laden prisoner for almost two years at the villa in Pakistan until the time was ripe to kill the bastard and let President Obama take the credit. What better way to get re-elected when the economy is tanked, along with most Americans. Sounds good, but politicians are not smart enough to pull that one off; only the CIA could do that…hhhmmm….

There is one bright spot in all this dark gloom. I was at my fiftieth high school reunion last Friday night and we had invocation and then stood and recited the pledge of allegiance. We even used the words “In God We Trust.” It had been a long time since I uttered those words and it felt very good. Perhaps I should stop worrying about the things I have no control over and start trusting in God more. Stop and think about it. Who else is there to trust?

I’m just saying,


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