Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rocky Mountain High

My twin brother Walt was unable to make our yearly Harley pilgrimage to the high country of Colorado this year due to chemotherapy for prostate cancer. He was determined to go, but realized that his body is fighting for life and the stress of riding with our crazy companions would not be a good idea right now.

I dedicated this year’s ride to my brother in hopes the pictures would inspire him to wellness. There is nothing more spiritual than riding in the Colorado Rockies. He was with me in my heart every minute we traveled which turned out to be exactly 1, 073 exciting miles.

The picture above was in Silverton and it was the last time we rode together in Colorado. The first two pictures without him standing there is hard for me to look at, but in order for the trip to work for his health, my spirits remained high and my heart full of love for my twin brother.

I couldn’t help but ask two Ignacio, Colorado police officers for a picture. They both were so nice and taking time to talk with them was a pleasure. Were we ever that young?

This picture above Telluride was especially inspirational. Mother Earth was taking a bath and the air was crystal clear, cool and inviting. I wanted to get naked and roll in the ferns and grass. The rest of the group pleaded with me not to do it saying it was more information than any of them needed. Party poopers!

The trip to God’s country is not without some hardships. I personally like riding through the Navajo Reservation, but newbies (and we had three) sometimes find that part of the trip long, hot, dry and miserable. I don’t get it – riding in most of Arizona is just that and we do it all the time. Butch up guys and gals!

Here's to you year you will be going with us!

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