Friday, September 9, 2011


My head is still not back to normal operating condition after four days riding the Harley in Colorado. Tuesday, everything I touched turned to caca and I couldn’t even add numbers correctly with a calculator. You would think with four Red Bulls and a couple five hours down the gullet things would get better, but no, the day lasted a week.

Wednesday was a little better, but I spent the day apologizing for all the stupid mistakes I made Tuesday. Hump day became rump day because my ass was still dragging. I told my boss he should never let me go with the crazies again to Colorado. He agreed….

Thursday I actually got some work done, but nothing to brag about. I did ride the bike to the car wash after work. Just sitting on the seat caused my butt to spasm like a worm on a hot frying pan, but I had to get all the bugs off the bike before baby became permanently disfigured with bug guts.

Today I am actually looking forward to honey dos at the casa this weekend; no bike riding for me until next weekend when Willie Nelson will be in town. Willie next Friday night and a rally in Old Town Cottonwood next Saturday – life is good!

Come to think of it, I haven’t ridden New Mexico yet. I wonder if any of my riding buds and buddettes are up to it yet.

I'm just saying,


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