Thursday, September 29, 2011

Think Positive!

I started writing a blog on the situation of our economy and the stock market and only managed to get depressed. What started out as humor ended up very sad indeed.

Instead, I have decided to write about what is good and special about my life. First of all I have the perfect wife. I am not just saying that because she proofs my material, I am saying it because it is truth. She is the perfect wife and I love her beyond measure.

I also have the perfect life. With my wife, I share our home with two Chihuahuas (Taco and Gonzo), and a parrot named Pickles. Outside our house we provide for three semi-feral cats. Their names are Queenie, Bugs and Tippy. Queenie is the mother of Bugs and Tippy. We managed to have all three fixed so there will be no more kitten births in our shed. Queenie was left behind by her owners across the street and she adopted us. We had no clue she would give birth to four kittens. We managed to find homes for two and decided to keep Bugs and Tippy instead of a trip to the Humane Society. All three live comfortably in our shed and we feed them milk, dry food and canned food every day. They are warming up to us and we even get to pet them occasionally.

I do have a job with a contractor from Hawaii who wants to settle in Sedona someday. He has moved his wife and children to Sedona and commutes every other week back and forth from the Big Island. Right now my position is only part time, but this will change to full time soon. I am so lucky to be working; many Americans are not. My life is further enhanced by the kind of man I work for. He is honest, hardworking, fair, and pays his bills. We cannot say that about many general contractors in this area these days.

I have the greatest mother-in-law a guy could ask for. At 84, she is active, smart and humorous. When we get together, it’s all laughs and giggles. She says I am her favorite son-in-law, knowing I am her ONLY son-in-law. She is the only mother I have and I treat her accordingly. She moved with us to Arizona from Michigan after her husband passed away into her own home where she lives independently and enjoys life to the fullest.

I have an identical twin who lives in Tucson. Unfortunately, he has been diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer, but with new therapies, his PSA has been reduced from 280 to one point three. This means he will live longer and he plans to live well with the time he has left. Of course I love my brother and can’t stand the thought of losing him, but who knows – I may kick the bucket before he does and he will have to grieve instead of me.

I have a wonderful daughter who is about to graduate from NAU. She lives just a block away so I can keep an eye on her. Who am I kidding; she needs to keep an eye on her pops. I also have two sons (Jon and Kippy) who live in California. They are doing well and I am proud of them. I also have two stepsons who are the greatest. I couldn’t love them more if they were my own. I have other children, but we are not close and rarely communicate. I am saving them for another blog.

I have a half-sister who lives in Tucson and a step-brother and step-sister who live in northern California. Communication is sporadic, but such is the way of life in today’s world.

Did I mention I have a Harley? My Harley is the icing on the cake. What more could a man want? Perfect wife, life, Harley and living in beautiful northern Arizona….

I’m just saying,


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