Friday, September 16, 2011


I swore after the last concert in Prescott Valley, Arizona, to see Willie Nelson that I would never go again. Willie sucked, Merle Haggard sucked, while Ray Price went on and on and on and on singing my parents music. What happened to Willie the "outlaw" and his fabulous shit kicking music I loved in the ‘70s and ‘80s I wondered as sleep tried to take me over while slumping in my chair at the Toyota Pavilion suppressing large yawns?

This time is supposed to be different. First of all he is now “Willie and Family,” and his son is playing the gig with the old man. This alone should be interesting. Second, my wife got VIP seats in the first two rows at the Cliff Castle Casino outdoor Pavilion in Camp Verde. The only time I remember being a VIP was during an income tax audit. For those of you who don’t know where Camp Verde is, don’t worry – no one else knows either.

The concert is tonight and it coincides with the Thunder Valley Rally, a big motorcycle rally being held in the area this weekend. It will be fun riding the bike to the concert and then to the rally in Old Town Cottonwood tomorrow, which should also be interesting because the town is about a city block long with not much parking and it’s the first time the rally will be held there. It used to be at the casino every year, but for some reason the tribe rejected us this year. I am going to protest by not playing my normal $40 dollars at the slots. I plan to only lose $20 this year.

To be continued….


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