Monday, October 3, 2011

It Takes a Village Idiot

I finally get it…our government wants us to run the country one village at a time. In other words, government will not, cannot, nor should it be expected to, work for the money we (the villagers) pay it to run the country.

When I say government, I mean federal, state, municipal and right down to Po Dunk, Idaho, with a population of thirteen. Pa always said, “Government workers are people who cannot make it in the private sector.” In other words, they all want government to take care of them with health care, vacation days, sick days, mental health days, and days off that I have never even heard of. What better way to get spoiled than to be part of the system that gets the best of everything the private sector can provide them? After all, who do you think pays for government? We The People, that’s who!

Personally, I am damn tired of carrying the burden for lazy, spoiled, self-serving, fat cat government workers. But, wait – the government has paid protection. Who do you think is paying for that protection? You guessed it…the villagers. The protection is called the Internal Revenue Service. Sure, I am sick and tired of paying taxes so the government can squander my money on pork barrel projects and perks up the kazoo, but try not paying your taxes and you get to visit a not-so-exotic federal penitentiary. What a setup - form a government that has its own protection against anyone who tries to stamp out all the corruption. By golly, it sounds like the Mafia to me. Do I need to say who the God Father is?

OK, so I have vented a little. Now, how do we fix it? There is only one way and it’s not a rope. We must fix it at the voting polls. You see, the Founding Fathers of our country anticipated the corruption because they knew the dangers of big government. After all, they fought and beat the largest government in the world at that time, which was England. That is why they (our forefathers) created the Constitution of the United States of America and The Bill of Rights. They also created the Supreme Court to keep big government from trying to change the Constitution.

We still have the right to vote out all incumbents who have made careers out of government work which was intended to be service to our country for a limited time and then back to work in the private sector. The problem is the lazy bastards and bastardettes have dug in like an Alabama tick into the blood of every hard-working American and digging them out is like moving Hawaii with a rope. The only way to get rid of them is to vote the fat cats out of office. After that happens, you also fire the entourage of lazy groupies they have hired to insulate them from the public eye.

Big government depends on two things to survive. It depends on apathy and the ostrich syndrome (sticking our heads in the sand)

from the voting populace. Apathy is the worst. How can we get rid of incumbents if we don’t vote in the first place? Come on people, let’s put November, 2012, on the calendar right now and vote for an Independent party. If we all vote for Independent candidates, the Republicans and the Democrats shrivel up and die a slow agonizing death as they are packing up and leaving OUR government. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

There is still one more obstacle to overcome. The oldest segment of our society thinks voting Independent is un-American. These folks think you must vote Republican or Democrat. We need to help our most senior voters understand that the status quo is part of the problem. We need new ideas and hope in the system. We won’t get either staying with the same old, same old.

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