Thursday, October 6, 2011

Quartzsite Time!

Why go to Quartzsite, Arizona, in the winter? Because it’s warm, that’s why! Need I say more?

Most folks don’t like the heat, but I love it. When summer starts to fade, I start thinking about our little casa in Quartzsite. Sure it gets cold there sometimes in the winter, but nothing like northern Arizona. A decent motor home with a carport can be cozy and warm, especially if you have Direct TV so momma can watch The Young and the Restless while I am out hunting meteorites. Life is good….

We bought this beautiful lot through an owner financed smoking deal.

This is the motor home we bought before the 2009 stock market crash. Later we knew we could never sell the fuel guzzler, so we turned it into a park model thinking if things got really bad we could super downsize and move to Quartzsite.

We added a storage shed and some great looking metal palm trees.

The carport almost broke the bank, but we knew without it the motor home would be trashed by UV rays. It is twenty degrees cooler under the roof in the summer and the low winter sun hits the right side of the coach, thus keeping it warmer.

I transplanted four mesquite trees from a lot across the street that was being dozed, but unfortunately only two made it through the following summer even though I watered them once a month. Most of the time it was around 118 degrees and I loved working in the heat while sweating like a stuffed hog! I managed to keep the neighbor’s transplanted palms trees alive. When I arrived in July, they (the palm trees) were yellow instead of green, but the day after I watered them they were again bright green and smiling!

Let us not forget Paul Winer who owns the only book store in Quartzsite. I wish someone would water him. He appears to be dying of the vine!

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