Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Sucks

I have always wondered why Mondays are so hated by the world over. I always thought it was because it was the start of the work week, but I have found much more profound reasons. Click on the title of this blog and try to read through the history of Monday. Holy crap, reading it will give you new reasons to hate Mondays.

There is more to Mondays than hoping “Hump Day” will arrive soon. Some people only have Mondays and nothing else to look forward to.

Besides, you need to walk in my shoes to know how I really feel about Mondays.

Some people hate Sunday mornings much more than Mondays!

I think in prehistoric days men would have preferred to go to work somewhere else on Mondays.

Even in the "Old West" days Monday's sucked.

The only good Monday morning would be if I worked in a house of ill repute as a butler.

Or perhaps this job might do on Mondays.

This is what actually happens to me on Monday mornings!

Remember the priest earlier in this blog? He sucks like Monday too!

So...welcome to my "Office of Monday Morning!"

Write on,


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