Sunday, October 2, 2011

Water into Gas?

Help me out here. I keep getting unsolicited e-mails saying that by adding a secret ingredient to my truck’s fuel tank my gas will be free because I can fill the tank with H2O (water). If this were just one isolated e-mail, I would not be writing this blog about something so stupid. The problem is that I receive this kind of e-mail daily.

OK, here are my thoughts about this and similar scams like free electricity and free solar power from sugar cubes. Are there really people out there in la la land that actually buy this crap? If so, I think it is time to denounce Darwin and take our place below ape status.

I am also wondering if the water into gas bull poop (we could actually run vehicles on poop) is perpetrated by the auto mechanics industry. If one out of every 10,000 auto owners bought the water-to-gas product, it would mean that there would be approximately two million cars to fix from having H2O pumped throughout the gas systems. That is just in the U.S.A., not counting the rest of the dumbass world!

I think it all comes from the oldest scam in history and that is getting something for nothing, which is counter to how the whole freaking universe works. The only thing free in life is Momma’s love and I’m not too sure of that. I still had to take out the garbage when I was a kid. Come to think of it, I had to do dishes too!

The vast Internet is perfect for fleecing the old, infirmed and frightened population into buying stuff that defies reason, but maybe will get them out of the financial nightmares created by, you guessed it, the same type of people who think up the online scams.

I, for one, am ready to act. It’s simple; get a rope!


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