Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Friend Hoppy

My Harley riding bud Hoppy decided to get his first tattoo and asked me who the artist was that tattooed my full dragon sleeve. I replied that it was done by Adrian at Physical Graffiti in Sedona, Arizona.

Hoppy made the appointment for his sitting and I showed up about forty-five minutes later to get some pictures. His first sitting took about three hours and the next one will be about the same. He chose a large bald eagle for his right shoulder, which I thought was ambitious to say the least for a tattoo virgin.

While the outside of Hoppy was all smiles and giggles, I bet the inside was pure pain and misery. He handled it well and is now waiting a few weeks to heal before the final sitting. Of course he won’t admit it hurt, but for those of us who have large tats, we know better. My helmet is off to you, Hoppy; ya done good!

For those of you who might want a tattoo, I recommend Adrian highly. As a matter of fact, Sandy and I are going in this Saturday for some additional tats and color. If Hoppy shows up with a camera, I can guarantee you it won’t be all smiles and giggles for me while I am bleeding like a stuffed pig. I hate freaking needles, but my twin brother, Walt, and I love tattoos!

I’m just saying,


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