Saturday, March 6, 2010


I enjoyed my first Webinar recently. It was very informative and Wheatmark, Inc. put on a great one! I can use the recorded session as a very important research tool.

I also went to a free seminar by StoresOnline, Inc. yesterday and learned some new terminologies to look up online today. I ate the free lunch with gusto and failed to sigh up for the stuff that costs money. Oh, well...they can't win them all! I will say that they do provide a great range of services for the green, wanna be, sell online hope fulls . Mostly retired people who watched in horror as their savings had a melt down. I wish them all the very best!! My recommendation for StoresOnline? Try having some personnel there that have at least one grey hair.

Promotion Mission Statement:
"When it comes to promotion, I will leave no stone unturned and there is no mountain to high to climb. My book will be a best seller!!"

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Jolen Whitworth said...

That's just the attitude that will see success where others fail!