Saturday, March 20, 2010

Where is Quartzsite, Arizona?

I found the perfect place to relax and write in quiet solitude six months out of the year. January and February are a little hectic with over a million RV'ers around, but even that has it's charm. We have been going there for over nine years and my wife and I liked Quartzsite so much that we bought a lot and parked our motor home there permanently.

Early in the morning one can sit, sip coffee and watch doves, quail and rabbits feeding as the winter sun warms the chilly morning. The real draw is the sunny afternoons with nothing but blue skies and few clouds. Beats the hell out of northern Arizona in the winter. With the number of snowbirds there, it must be nicer than most places.

Is it for young people too? Not, and good riddance. The grey hairs rule!


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