Friday, April 2, 2010

Day Stalker

I am still in Quartzsite working on my new novel, Day Stalker. I have also read two murder mysteries while here trying to stay up with current trends in the writing world. I really don't want too much information though, I still think originality begins and ends with one's own imagination.

I spend the quiet early hours writing and then work on our lot here in Quartzsite during the daylight hours planting trees, raking rocks and housekeeping for the coming summer. I plan to ride the Harley down here once a month to check the motor home and watch our neighbor's place for water leaks and such. Trust me, the cost of utilities here are outrages, but that's another story for my blog!

The sequel to Evil in the Mirror is coming along nicely and so far I am sure it will excite and thrill readers...that's what murder mystery writing is all about.

Best Easter wishes,


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