Thursday, April 8, 2010

Meteorite Men

I watched Meteorite Men on the Science Channel last night and it has inspired me to load the equipment in my Toyota Tundra and head to Cottonwood, Arizona for a look-see today. I noticed Geoff has a Tundra truck also. Maybe it’s an omen or something?

Watching Steve and Geoff wade in the Texas mud reminded me of the mud in Kansas when I was working construction at the Fort Riley Army Base. God, it was awful stuff. The more you walked, the thicker it caked on your boots until they weighed so much you had to stop and try to scrape it off so you could continue to walk. Watching the two meteorite hunters duck hornet’s nests while walking in a grove of trees gave me the creeps too. Everything in Texas is big, including, but not limited to, HORNETS!

Again, I have to take my hat off to these guys. It’s not enough to know that Steve and Geoff have a successful TV show. They are also fearless, hard working men with enough grit to sharpen a knife blade! I can’t help but make a comparison with the program Pawn Stars ( on the History Channel. It would be great if the Pawn Stars could be in the same physical shape as the Meteorite Men. I do like both programs and I suppose being out of shape has its place, especially if your name is Chumley.

Well, it’s off to the desert for me. If I don’t return, it is because the desert beat me, or I found a 500 pound rocky meteorite and retired to Costa Rica…



Nissa said...

What is in Costa Rica? Anyway, you know your better half is just going to have a heart attack the minute you get off of the plane... Better to just stay home.

Leslie said...

Meteorite Mitt - Hope you find that 500 pounder. Make sure we get to see it before you head off to Costa Rica.