Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's that UFO crap again!

I was in the middle of researching background for my new murder mystery Day Stalker this morning, when I had a rare flashback of a cigar shaped flying saucer I saw while on the way to the San Diego County Fair in 1953. I know that if I don't stop writing long enough to let the moment pass, it will bug me for hours.

The flashback is like something caught in a strobe light, brilliant, sharply focused and unforgettable. Right now I am thinking, Why in the hell would I write about this crap in my blog? Do I crave criticism and ridicule? Am I trying to alienate (no pun intended) readers or worse yet, future book customers?

It is really none of the above; what I am trying to do is stop and smell the roses. We fiction writers get caught up in our own fantasy world which is hard to exit for food and drink. I went into the kitchen, brought back a glass of orange juice, stretched, sat down at my desk, and then Googled UFOs. Why not spend a few minutes and see what there is to see?

If you click on the title of this blog, you will see what I found. Go ahead and take a few minutes to smell the craziness.

Have fun, space nut; I am going back to work!

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