Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Beauty of Nature

After signing up for my first ever radio interview that will be 30 minutes long (which is a lifetime), I hung up the phone, and immediately started the worry process. What if this and what if that started flashing through my pea-picking brain like an old Pong game. Soon I became a nervous wreck with all the worrying.

After a few moments of this torture, I thought to myself, What am I doing? This sucks! I Googled nature and started looking at all the wonderful pictures of earth, alive with color, life and splendor. It didn't take long for my problem to seem minuscule, without merit and unworthy.

Just like the Karen Drucker song says, "My religion is kindness, my church is nature. My God is a feeling that lives deep inside."

My spitits were lifted and worry just a faint memory. Life is so good!

Write on,


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