Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Politically Incorrect

Oh, my, I received the most disgusting politically incorrect e-mail this morning! Someone was ranting and raving concerning the LA Times left-wing, liberal attitude toward Hispanics falsely accused of being in Arizona illegally, only this person called them illegal, wet-back Mexicans. How disgusting!

He went on to say that the citizens of Arizona pay TWO BILLION dollars a year in medical and educational benefits to Mexicans (Hispanics) in their state illegally. How can he say it is just Hispanics? I bet there are many people from other countries as well, like Canada and New Mexico!

This disgusting person went on to say that there has been an law in this country since 1940 that illegals (foreign nationals) must be able to produce proof that they are here legally. If that were true, I am sure President Obama would have told us so. This is just another far right tactic to persecute our peace loving, honest, drug free, respectful neighbors to the south.

The absolute worst insult came when this person called the Mexicans in Mexico "a broke dick, busted-ass, ignorant-ass, uneducated, going-nowhere culture and has been for the last 500 years, and in all likelihood, will be for the next 500 years."

I, for one, am not going to take this abuse of our illegal Hispanic friends lying down. Letters of protest will be sent to Nancy Pelosi, President Obama, the Democratic Party leaders and my mommy! You know, she has belonged to the Democratic Party for over sixty years, and even though she is deaf, blind and senile, I trust her judgment about politics and political correctness....

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