Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back Home Again

Well, I'm back home again from my four-day trip to Tucson and Quartzsite, Arizona. Tucson's monsoon weather was much like here in Camp Verde, but when I got to Quartzsite Sunday, I quickly renamed it, Arizona's Death Valley. No rain, no way, no how!

Let me back up. My trip was dictated by a book signing that was planned for Saturday in Tucson. We didn't sell many books at Coco's Restaurant, but the folks there were so gracious and accommodating that I would recommend Coco's in a heartbeat.

I stayed with my evil twin brother and his lady, Virginia, Friday and Saturday night. They treated me to a scrumptious Mexican dinner Saturday night from which I am still stuffed like Roy Roger's horse,Trigger.

The next morning I headed for Quartzsite, thinking that if it had rained there like in eastern Arizona, this will be a wasted trip. The trees we planted on our lot last winter will be just fine. Wrong! One mesquite tree had lost all its leaves and even the palm trees planted by our neighbors on their lot were yellow and singing, Cool, Clear, Water....please!

I spent the afternoon watering ours and the neighbors' plants. When I finished about five p.m., even the palms had started turning green again. With the watering finished, I sat on a lounge chair in the shade and watched desert animals flying and scurrying about their lives in the desert. What a treat it was.

I went to bed early, barely able to keep my eyes open and woke up at one thirty a.m. wide awake, bushy tailed and ready to go home. Driving in the desert early in the morning is always nice. The air is cool and all I had to do was dodge skunks and frogs that dotted the endless highway. I managed to reach home unscathed to my wonderful wife, four dogs and evil parrot, of which even he was glad to see me.

Of course, there were a zillion e-mails to catch up on this morning, but the break was wonderful and now I am ready to dazzle the world with all my B.S. Speaking of B.S., if it were money, I could have retired when I was ten years old!

I'm just saying,


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