Thursday, July 29, 2010

Music is the Best Medicine

Today, a friend said I needed to stop and smell the roses. I appreciated her advice, because I used to listen to music when the world's noise got me down. Somehow, I had forgotten how important music is to soothe the savage beast.

When I was growing up, we didn't have i-Pods and cell phones that would hold a zillion songs. We had 33-1/2, 45 and 78 records with portable record players that held just a few songs. Even though our music wasn't stereo, quadraphonic, superduper track music and was scratchy and only mono, we still managed to rock out to Bill Hayley and the Comets, Elvis, The Everly Brothers, Ricky Nelson, and Chuck Berry , just to name a few.

My daughter used to say I was older than dirt, until I bought an i-Pod. Now I'm a cool and hip old guy. Well, tomorrow, I am going to start a four-day break from the world of novel writing and drive to Tucson and then Quartzsite listening to my i-Pod all the way. Of course, I won't be listening to '50s songs; I will be rockin out with The Eagles, Charlie Daniels, Linda Ronstadt, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, and some Willie just for fun.

Ah, yes....I'll be on the road again. Free to rock out while driving, not caring what the idiots in the car next to me think. They just don't know how to have fun!

I'm just saying,


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