Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Take a break

How about a Norman Rockwell break? Lord knows I need one. Got in trouble on Facebook today because I forgot to join a friend for conversation. Might not seem important, but I said I would be available and wasn't. That's not being friendly.

I thought when a body reached The Golden Age, things were supposed to quiet down? I remember when my parents reached that age, they slowed down. Of course, they didn't have Internet, only TV. I also remember they passed on before they should have.

Perhaps I should just take a short break and then get back to writing a sequel novel, daily blog, Twitter and Facebook updates, book signings and promotion duties, just to name a few. Like Mom always said, "Idle hands equal idle brains." She was a school marm. So, I assume typing on this keyboard makes me smarter.

Oh, well, break's over....back to work!

I'm just saying,


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