Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm Tired of a World Economy

There, I have said it. Let me say it again; I am sick and tired of a world economy! Now I feel better. The state of our country makes me realize that 67 is now the new 107. At least that's how old I feel thinking about the horrible economical/ecological mess we are in.

Where did all our jobs go? They went to other countries because we no longer buy our own products. The products we buy now come from those other countries! The next time you buy something, look to see where it came from. There will be only a slight chance the stamp will say: Made in the USA.

Enough do we fix it?

Don't look to governments for the fix. They think we are mushrooms living beneath their ivory towers. The high ones don't live in fear of not being able to feed their children. Well, guess again, mighty politicians. We The People still have voting power and now is the time to use it.

While continuing to tighten our belts, how about we do with less, but the less should have the stamp Made in the USA on it, or don't buy it! Can you imagine how quick American factories would have to gear up to meet the demand? It would be phenomenal. Companies like Wallymart would either have to start buying American or go out of business.

Still have your savings in the stock market? If you do, you really don't have any savings. All that money is controlled by the whims of greedy, cigar-smoking Wall Street thieves and bandits. All their money is controlled by fear and fear is the catalyst of crash. Get your cash out and run to precious metals like a raped banshee, which is what you are going to be if you leave your money in a stock market poised for total collapse. Besides, who wants to worry 24/7 that their savings will be gone by morning?

We all are driving less due to the high cost of fuel. Wouldn't it be great if we could just stop using oil and start using an alternative like hydrogen fuel cells? The only by-product is water. Talk about a green planet....No more oil leaks in our oceans or smog in our cities. Well, the oil companies and auto manufacturers are making sure the changeover is a slow process. It might happen if we live long enough to see it. In the meantime, because we are now buying only American, we will be able to afford alternative fuel cars that get much better mileage than the ones we are currently stuck with because we can't afford to change.

Yes, I too feel overwhelmed by the enormity of our problems. But, when all is said and done, Americans overcome adversity by becoming One in America. We can take one problem at a time and correct it. Then move on to the next. Today is a new day, and I for one promise my fellow Americans that when I go shopping, the product will say, Made in the USA! When I buy fuel, it will be produced in the USA, and when I buy a new car, it will also be Made in the USA!

Less can be great if it says, "Made in the USA!"

I'm just saying,


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