Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Writer's Dream

While at a recent book signing, a lady asked me how I managed to write a novel. Somehow, after having written a novel, I still feel like it's a dream, so the question caught me a bit by surprise. My reply was that I write in a dream-state, or what might be called "daydreaming." That's how I managed to write my first novel, Evil in the Mirror .

I suppose writing while daydreaming may not be unique. I myself have never asked that question of anybody in the past, so I really don't know how other authors write their books. I do know that if you can daydream, you can write. The better the daydreamer, the better the writer. Just a theory on my part, but this is my blog, so I can have theories.

If you talk to my life partner and wife, Sandy, I am sure she will concur. After all, the poor lady has to proof and edit my work. My fingers flash on the keyboard while I try to keep up with my dreaming. I visualize the scene and the words all at one time. Proper English and grammar are not part of the dream.

I think men could, and possibly do, write better than women. I know, the whole can of worms is now open! What I am saying makes sense if you remember how good men are at tuning women out during their daydreams and/or television watching. Think about it for a moment; women are not good at this exercise. Just another theory, but if women would practice ignoring men the same way men tune out women, there could be a women's literary bonanza!

This may sound crazy, but try practicing writing while daydreaming. This may be easier said than done because you were taught in school that daydreaming is a bad thing. Well, unlearn that right now. Daydreaming is a good thing! I prefer a keyboard using Microsoft Word, but if you don't own a computer, typewriter or touch type, you may want to try the old-fashioned way using paper and pen. What's important is that you try. Don't worry about mistakes in proper English or spelling. Get the thoughts down no matter what. It's the idea that is important, not the style or grammar. Hell, everyone knows I have no style, but I still wrote a real novel that people are actually buying and more importantly, reading.

Follow that dream takes on new meaning now. Don't worry about how much education you have or don't have. Don't worry about the teacher, way back when, who said you wont' amount to a hill of beans. Don't worry about all the pundits who say that writing a novel is impossible unless you have a Masters or PhD in literature. Less knowledge can definitely be better least you techno-nerd yourself into a boredom black hole. Most of all, forget what your parents said about your daydreaming....make 'em proud with your writings.

Write on,


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