Thursday, July 1, 2010

The End of the World, again!

A friend e-mailed me the trailer for the movie Collapse. Out of respect, I viewed the trailer and replied to her e-mail with the following:

Dear friend,

To agree with, or disagree with this movie concept is ludicrous. We all know the modern world is imploding. We know this not by sooth-saying, but by primal instinct. Hand ringing pundits and their movies don't interest me much. What does interest me are people, who, on a daily basis, try to make our world better.

This world will evolve with, or without humans. It's of little concern to the planet. In fact, if we, as a species can't do way better to live in harmony with Mother Earth, she will be the better without us!

I personally will just continue to live what I have left of my life the best I know how, with conservation, honesty, Love and understanding.

Write on,


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