Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chapel of the Holy Cross

There seems to be some confusion concerning the ending of my murder mystery novel, Evil in the Mirror.

While using the Chapel of the Holy Cross as a murder scene might be in bad taste, I meant no sacrilege toward the Catholic Church or its parishioners. You must admit, a more dramatic location would be hard to find.

The Atomic Christus inside the church that was used by one of the evil twins was not a figment of my warped imagination, folks. It was real! The urban legend about its removal and disposal is also true, inasmuch as the crucifix was removed and disappeared forever.

I saw the very controversial crucifix the first time when I was nineteen years old in 1962. The second time I viewed it was in 1973. It made a strong impression on me to say the least. Who could have guessed it would come alive again in my first novel.

As with all works of fiction, sometimes the line between what is real and unreal is blurred. Arizona was the perfect place for my novel to take place. The scenery is dramatic, as is its old west heritage. It's still a territory out there in some places and especially in 1968.

One more point; please don't forget that the book is fiction and don't shoot the messenger!

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