Saturday, July 10, 2010

Memories of a Harley Rider

Yes, I have been to Sturgis twice and both times were exciting and a rider's dreams come true. My wife and I went in 1999 from Michigan towing our 1975 Shovel because we didn't think it could make the trip. I rode to Sturgis again in 2003 with friends on my 2001 Road King from Lake Montezuma, Arizona.

My wife and I have had many shorter trips in Michigan, Oklahoma and Arizona. I have traveled Arizona, Colorado and Utah with family and friends. These trips were no less exciting than Sturgis!

Like many other riders who were in the construction industry, the recession caught up with me in early 2009. I was laid off and started looking for work all over the country, but alas...there was none.

I started writing my first novel, Evil in the Mirror ,while my wonderful wife kept the wolf from the door. The novel was published by Wheatmark and we are very excited about its prospects. In the meantime, I am writing the sequel called Day Stalker, and it too shows potential.

Unfortunately, I had to sell my Road King because promoting the book falls on the author. I'm not sniveling; there are many people who have lost much more. I'm just reminiscing about the wonderful times we had riding into the sunset. Not to worry, this nasty recession will pass and we will be riding again!

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