Thursday, July 15, 2010

Camping is for Kids

Camp supporter, Jane Seymour

My memories of camping as a kid stand out like fireworks on the Fourth of July, mom's apple pie and the American Flag. Every summer my brother and I looked forward to camping with other kids in the cool pines of Camp Cuyamaca in the Laguna Mountains of southern California.

While working for the The Phil W. Morris Company in Sedona, Arizona, I was fortunate enough to become involved with Camp Soaring Eagle, which is a camp program for children with life-threatening illnesses. The goal is to build a world class camp that would be sanctioned and supported by Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Camp Foundation for seriously ill children.

The vision of building Camp Soaring Eagle in Sedona, Arizona, is alive and well, but needs public support. Only through donations from generous people like you can the dream become reality. Please help us build Camp Soaring Eagle for the kids who need it the most. Give these beautiful children the experience of a lifetime.

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