Monday, July 19, 2010

We have the power!

A friend from Facebook sent me a reply concerning yesterday's blog. I would like to share her message:

"I agree with all of that. I believe We the People will make a big change happen. But, those that are elected to serve need to realize they are Serving US. I get so very tired of all of the BS just to get voted in. But, I'm hoping and praying that this year and the next will be a big change in something that we all can look forward to. My Faith is what keeps me going."

I, in turn, responded with:

"I fear we cannot put any faith in most of our so-called "political leaders." Power, greed and special interest money have decayed the system to the point that their oath to our country has little meaning. The hope you seek will come from people just like you and me networking throughout the whole country to unite us all.

"The hope is to vote" every incumbent out of office, thus letting the establishment know in no uncertain terms that the jig is up. We are the knights in shining armor. We are the big change you seek. We the People, who are the benefactors of the Constitution of the United States of America, will bring HOPE back to America!"

I am convinced that my friend expressed the longing of all true Americans for the madness in out political system to stop. We can start that process when November arrives and the voting begins. One election will not do the trick. We must unite for every election from this point forward. Mushrooms? I think not. See you in November!

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