Monday, July 26, 2010

My life well spent

We are all born millionaires. Yes, that's correct, you heard me right. We all are born with a checking account that contains one million buckaroos to spend any way we see fit during our time on this planet.

Some spend their fortunes early in life, leaving loved ones grieving and sad about a life cut short through hard living with the pain and sorrow that is caused by the over indulgence of the pleasures of this world.

Some run out of life's money at the middle of life's path. Middle roaders, who tried to stay away from earth's abundant pleasures of the flesh, but in secret, reveled in the party.

And then there are those who spent wisely, and life's gift led them to old age. That Golden Time when you no longer know where you are, who is with you or where you are going. Life is simple pee and other things in a bag. You can't hear, see or smell, even though you smell to others. You're pissed off everyday, all day and all night. What the hell happened? You didn't smoke, drink or do drugs. Never a cuss word left your lips.

You only judged others by their actions, which was easy because no one could live up to your standards, which left you without many friends or family who would put up with your constant complaining about them. Of course, you would never hang out with low lifes that laughed all the time while riding motorcycles, driving classic cars, flying in air machines, riding off-road vehicles, or indulging in water sports while riding on boats, wave runners, skis and such, just to name a few.

Fall in love and be hurt? Never! That kind of stuff is for weak people. Bunch of losers, that's what I say.

Perhaps you spent your money too wisely. Just perhaps you should have had some fun along the way, as long as it wasn't at the expence of others. Perhaps laughing is a great way to spend your money. Perhaps loving and, yes, even losing in love is also a great way to spend the money in your checking account.

It's never too late, you know. Spend the money you have left. Get on that Hover Round and do some figure eights. Get on the phone and call lost family and friends, and wish them well. Laugh until it hurts. If you're lucky, you too can skid into the grave, bruised, battered, gloriously beat up, laughing and shouting, My life was well spent. My life was well spent!

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