Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Writng a Murder Mystery

I have this insatiable urge to write a new blog each and every day. I need to, somehow, keep it fresh, interesting and entertaining. If I miss just one day, the evil blog goddess swoops down late at night and gobbles up a few thousand writing brain cells, and I awake in the morning only to discover I am not quite as sharp as the day before.

This may seem absurd to you, but when you understand I only have a few hundred thousand brain cells left of any kind, the seriousness of the situation becomes apparent. I have none to spare, having wasted billions of the little critters as a young man steeped in learning about life the hard way.

My blog writing addiction rivals any I have experienced in the past. Good, God, Claude....I should be working on my Evil in the Mirror murder mystery sequel, Day Stalker. But, no, here I am writing yet another blog. At the beginning of this piece, I could have simply said, "I'm not writing a blog today, because I need to work on my novel. It's my blog, and I won't write if I don't want to!" Yes, I could have said that, but one word leads to another, and then I think about losing more brain cells tonight and I give in one more time to my addiction....

I'm just saying,


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