Saturday, August 27, 2011

Brain Buckets

My friend Nancy Bradley sent me pictures of these cutting edge motorcycle helmets. I find the need to share the next trend in brain protection.

This helmet is for crackers who think watermelon jokes are funny.

This next example is for nuts who like to be thrown up against the wall.

I refuse to believe bowling dweebs even ride motorcycles! No offence, but if the bowling shoe fits - wear it.

Same as above....

I am surrounded by dweebs!

Now you are talking; pool players are solid bike riders.

Pierce this baby!

No more helmet is good.

Bootie call....

Is it possible to wipe out a brain twice?

This is for riding in states that require helmets. Be prepared to get stopped, and make sure you are not holding. Yes, it is a canine unit....

Not even Flo from the Progressive commercials can beat this hair.

I have no clue as to what the hell this is supposed to be, but I bet the Sun's reflection could blind you. This helmet is probably for Oscar night in Hollywood.

I'm just saying,


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