Friday, August 12, 2011

It’s That Roswell Crap Again!

I had a dream last night that I was taken from my bed to an alien spacecraft where they performed rather horrific scientific experiments on my body. The alien creatures were nasty looking, big headed bastards with huge eyes and tiny mouths. Their skin looked like old shoe leather and even though they were short in stature, they were extremely strong for their size.

After they were finished probing my body with strange and painful equipment, they stood back, and I swear, there were smiles on their ugly, tiny mouths. The grins were ominous in nature and I feared the worst was yet to come.

As I struggled with my restraints to get free, another taller creature entered the room. This alien was close to six feet tall and appeared to be female, sort of. It came close to the table and looked down at my shaking, naked body and smiled a wicked grin. Oh, my God, tell me it isn’t so – it was taking its clothes off!

I had read about possible cross breeding with aliens, but I thought it was nonsense. As the creature started to climb up on the table, I awoke to find my wife shaking me violently, saying, “Wake up, Mitt, you’re having a nightmare! I swear this is the last time you are watching science fiction horror movies before going to sleep.”

She has a point,


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