Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Power of Love

I know my twin brother Walt doesn’t want to discuss his prostate condition much, but I will shout it from the roof top, “His PSA dropped from 240 to 7.4.” Now that is something to shout about!

His chemo is working and he will be trying more new and exciting experimental drugs soon. His doctors are trying to get a grant to pay for all the medications. I guess you could call him a guinea pig, but who cares. Prolonged breathing is a good thing, and everything he is doing will help science someday find a cure for prostate cancer.

I have sent e-mails thanking everyone who prayed and worked for Walt’s recovery. Many people have kept the faith and because of that, he has a fighting chance to live a longer and more meaningful life. I am sure he will crusade for early detection and be a part of the final cure.

Walt has also made the decision not to make our annual motorcycle trip to Durango, Colorado. His doctors have advised him not to go and brother is listening. His body is trying to fight off the cancer and the trip would only aggravate the situation. I am actually much relieved, to say the least. I plan to bring him back pictures of the Colorado high country and a neat T-shirt to boot. If I could, I would bring him back Colorado – but the locals may resist.

For you guys who think you are too tough for prostate exams, think again. You don’t want to go through the alternative. Butch up and get the exam and blood test that can save your life. If you can’t or won’t do it for yourself, do it for a loved one who will have a broken heart watching you succumb to this horrible cancer. Early detection means a long and fruitful life.

I know, something is going to get us in any case – just don’t let it be cancer.

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